The Originality of Vermont Music with James Lockridge

This video is about the originality of Big Heavy World and Vermont made music. I had the chance to sit down with Jim Lockridge, executive director of BHW, and talk about the past, present, and future musical involvement Big Heavy World has had within Vermont and what they look forward to coinciding with as an established organization. There were nothing but good things to hear from Jim in regard to what BHW has accomplished by developing not only an actively streaming radio station but a communal, creative, and volunteer based record label. “Big Heavy World seeks to engage young Vermont volunteers in the creation of live and recorded music, and to become the official Vermont Music Office in the fashion of those found in Texas, Washington and other states.” –

Waylon Speed – Wizards Live @ Gathering of the Vibes, 2011
Chin Ho!- The Never Will Be’s

The Originality of Vermont Music with James Lockridge
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